Falconer Rod & Gun Club, Inc. 

The Falconer Rod & Gun Club as been around for (94) years! Our club has seen many changes over those years and many more changes are to come! All for the betterment of our club and our local community! We are always open to new members and their families so join in on the fun!

A membership owned organization, it operates primarily on the volunteer efforts of its membership. Dues are paid to help sustain the organization financially, provide for the privileges offered but is not a "pay for services" organization. Maintenance, upkeep, and management are all duties required by the membership on a voluntary basis.

The organization offers pistol and rifle ranges, an archery range, BBQ pit, picnic pavilion, two skeet ranges, a spacious facility for Club Rentals.

Excerpt from original ByLaws "Purpose" of the organization:

Whereas, it has become necessary for the protection, propagation and preservation of fish in the waters, game in the forests, and song, game and insectivorous birds in the fields and woods of Chautauqua County, that an association should exist for such purpose, and generally to guard such matters and interests as may further these ends; and Whereas, this association shall be called Falconer Rod & Gun Club, Incorporated


General Meeting: First Tuesday every month @ 7 PM

Board Meeting: Last Tuesday every month @ 7 PM

The Falconer Rod & Gun Club was organized August 22, 1922 by the following persons: R.A. Moore, Charles W. Proudman, James Moore, E.D. Varmee, Cutller Anderson ,D.C.Bowman David Anderson, David Sanderson, Albert Lawson, Abe Haight, Walter E. Anderson, Thomas Newton, Claude Randall, Gifford Burns, Wesson Paplow, Ernest Moon, and Lynn Bentley. The membership was 507. Regular meetings were held every Tuesday evening, and the club was said to be the only one in the state holding weekly meetings.( Information was provided by Charles W. Proudman)

The first meeting was held at Varmee`s garage on August 23,1922. Club Incorporated September 1, 1933. Meetings were held in the old village hall. Trap fields were at the old circus grounds. ( the original trap house was located behind the barbeque pit on the present grounds) Meetings were changed to 125 South Work Street (not sure of date) On September 2,1951, the present land was purchased from Harold Anderson for $2300.00 and construction of club started immediately.